Quantcast Precast Concrete Panel Roof Decks

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maximum 12-inch (305-millimeter) curb height, with base and
Roof Assemblies.  Design roof assemblies to satisfy
established fire ratings, and Factory Mutual (FM) or Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc., (UL) requirements.  (Refer to Section 11.)
a)  If the building is expected to have high interior
moisture, refer to Section 4 and consult deck material
manufacturer for information and recommendations;
b)  Wood blocking around openings and drains must be
installed before insulation and roofing is installed.
Precautions for Specific Roof Decks
Precast Concrete Panel Roof Decks
a)  Camber differentials that exceed 1/8 inch (3
millimeters) must be corrected by using a Portland cement fill or
grout, feathered to a maximum slope of 1/8 inch per foot (one
b)  To prevent bitumen drippage, joints should either
be stripped in with felt or tape material recommended by roofing
system manufacturer or grouted with cement fillings where
openings occur.
Prestressed Precast Concrete Roof Decks.  If rigid
insulation is used, differentials in adjacent prestressed
concrete units must be corrected by fill or grout, feathered to a
maximum slope of 1/8 inch per foot (one percent).
Wood Board or Plywood Roof Decks.  For all wood decks,
a barrier of rosin sized sheathing paper or similar material
should be placed between the roof membrane and the deck to allow
relative movement.
Cement-Wood Fiber Panel Roof Decks
a)  Resistance to wind uplift and lateral movement
should be provided by one of the following anchorage techniques:
(1) Clips, nails, or other devices anchoring the deck directly to
the roof framing; or (2) Sub-purlins anchored to the roof framing


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