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with insulation board.
Extruded polystyrene is excellent for
this purpose.
Preformed membranes: This class is factory-produced,
consisting of a film of paper, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride,
etc., and coated on both sides with rubberized asphalt or coal
tar pitch.  Specify membrane manufacturer's recommended primer
and adhesives.
Dampproofing.  Many installations do not require an
absolute waterproofed surface but only retarding of moisture
penetration.  This retardation can be accomplished with brushable
or trowelable bituminous or synthetic materials hot- or cold-
applied.  All such materials require the appropriate primer when
applied over masonry.  At least two coats of dampproofing
material are usually required.
Applicable Details.
Refer to NRCA Roofing and
Waterproofing Manual.


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