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Psychrometry.  The branch of physics concerned with the
measurement or determination of atmospheric conditions,
particularly the moisture in air.
R-Value.  In thermal insulation, the thermal resistance of
insulation materials or constructions.  See thermal resistance.
Re-covering.  Covering an existing roof assembly with a new
membrane instead of removing the existing roof system before
installing the new membrane.
Edge of a roof at a gable.
Reglet.  A horizontal groove in a wall or other vertical surface
for anchoring flashing.
Relative humidity.  Ratio (expressed as percentage) of the mass
per unit volume (or partial pressure) or water vapor in an air-
vapor mixture to the saturated mass per unit volume (or partial
pressure) of the water vapor at the same temperature.
Unit of vapor-permeance resistance, reciprocal of perm.
Replacement.  Process of removing and replacing an existing roof
system (as opposed to mere re-covering, see above), also called
The re-covering or replacement of an existing roof.
Resin.  Basic raw material for manufacturing polymers, a
synthetic polymer containing no deliberately added ingredients.
Ridging.  Membrane defect characterized by upward displacement of
the membrane, usually over insulation board joints (see Picture
Roll roofing.  Coated felts, sometimes mineral-surfaced, supplied
in rolls and designed for use without field-applied surfacing.
Roofing contractor or subcontractor.
Roofing system.  An assembly of interacting components designed
to weatherproof, and normally to insulate, a building's top
See Thermal Resistance.


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