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facility's mission and system reliability will allow. Where energy monitoring
and control systems (EMCS) are already installed on the base, consider adding
the new facility to the system.  Refer to NAVFAC DM-4.09, Energy Monitoring
and Control Systems, for design methods in accordance with NFGS 13947, EMCS,
Large System Configuration, through 13950, EMCS, Micro System Configuration.
In addition, the following items should be considered:
Metering.  Provide metering to measure energy consumption.
Consider kilowatt-hour and demand meters for the total facility, operational
load bus, and technical load bus.
Power Factor. Maintain a high power factor; provide power factor
correction, when required, to maintain a minimum power factor of 85 percent at
peak load.
Motors. All motors 1 horsepower and above shall be three-phase
motors. Consider high-efficiency motors for all HVAC and auxiliary equipment.
Lighting. General illumination levels should not exceed specified
Provide task lighting to supplement general lighting, as required.
Lighting Control.  Provide additional switching to reduce energy
used for lighting unoccupied areas.
Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.  Fire alarm and detection systems
shall provide maximum fire protection for personnel and equipment consistent
with the function of the facility.  Fire alarm and detection systems shall
conform to the requirements of MIL-HDBK-1008, NFPA 72A, Standard for the
Installation. Maintenance. and Use of Local Protective Signaling Systems for
Guard's Tour, Fire Alarm. and Supervisory Service, and NFPA 72E, Automatic
Fire Detectors.  Electronic facilities shall be provided with manual and
automatic fire reporting systems to transmit the following signals:
Onsite Signal. To building occupants, to permit prompt corrective
action and/or evacuation.
Offsite Signal. To fire department headquarters or another central
office that will implement emergency action.
System Signal. To actuate automatic fire extinguishing equipment.
Because overheating or malfunctioning electronic equipment must be
detected as early as possible, automatic supervision of all alarm circuits
shall be provided.  Automatic fire detection shall be provided in electronic
equipment areas, in record storage rooms, and under raised floors.
Signal Systems. Design of signal systems shall be as specified in
NAVFAC DM-4.07, Wire Communication and Signal Systems.


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