Quantcast Security Lighting - 1012_10062

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d) The number of gates and perimeter entrances shall be reduced to
the minimum required for safe and efficient operation.
e) Guard shelters shall be provided when required by the BESEP.
Security Lighting. Lighting shall be installed inside the
perimeter security fence in a manner to illuminate the fence completely and to
prevent an intruder from using the light poles and guy wires to gain access to
the area.  Illumination shall be in accordance with the lighting
specifications in Tables 20 and 21 of MIL-HDBK-1013/1.
a) Illuminate areas shadowed by structures.
b) Ensure that failure of one lamp in a circuit will not affect
other lamps in the same circuit.
c)  Provide overlapping light distribution to minimize reductions
in illumination levels upon lamp failure.
d) Protect all components of the system from vandalism.
e) Provide lights on buildings.
f) Provide an emergency power generator within the security area.
The emergency power source shall be adequate to sustain protective lighting of
all critical areas and structures for 8 hours and shall go into operation
automatically when the primary power fails.  The facility shall have
generator- or battery-powered lights at key control points in case a failure
disables the secondary power supply.
g)  Install special-purpose lighting (such as for fog penetration)
when climatic or other local factors dictate.
h) Provide additional lighting for (CCTV) security surveillance,
as necessary.
Protective Alarm Systems.  Operational sites constructed in
accordance with physical security criteria set forth in this manual normally
will not require extensive protective alarm systems.  The Equipment
Application Guide for Joint-Service Interior Intrusion Detection System (J-
SIIDS) Equipment provides information on intrusion detection alarm devices
that meet most Navy requirements.  The BESEP or the user command will provide
specific intrusion detection system requirements.
CCTV.  Because of reduced personnel levels, CCTV may be required to
supplement the guard force. The BESEP or the user command will specify these
requirements, if  applicable.
Interior Physical Security
Delay Times.  Guidelines for selecting and designing facility
components to meet specified delay times are provided in MIL-HDBK-1013/1


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