Quantcast Safety and Emergency Devices

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Vaults.  Vaults or vault construction will be specified by the
BESEP or the user command.  Specific criteria for construction and
installation are given in DIAM 50-3.
Safety and Emergency Devices.  Vault doors shall be equipped with
an emergency escape device and with the following:
a) A luminous light switch.
b) An emergency light (if the vault is otherwise unlighted).
c) An interior alarm switch or other device (such as a telephone)
to permit a person in the vault to communicate with a vault custodian, guard,
or guard post.
d) Instructions on obtaining release shall be permanent affixed to
the inside of the door or prominently displayed elsewhere inside the vault.
e) A bank vault ventilator approved by Underwriters Laboratories,
Inc., if the vault is not otherwise served by forced air ventilation.
Fire Protection. The vault shall be equipped with at least one
fire extinguisher approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Inc.


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