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b) This system does not require:
(1) A building with long wings (cruciform shape) to permit
(2) Plenum/corridor partitions and false ceilings.
(3) Walking the length of the corridor through a door and back
to obtain access to the rear of the transmitter if adequate transmitter
spacing is used.
(4) A large number of outside air filters that must be either
replaced periodically at high cost or cleaned which is labor intensive.
(5) A large number of or large size fan for air circulation.
(6) A complicated control system of ducts, dampers diffusers,
control motors and sensors.
c) The system will provide controlled heating of the space by
simple thermostatic control of its heat removal capability.
d) Failure of the heat exchange capability (such as loss of
refrigerant) will not prevent the transmitter from operating.
Loss of refrigerant is not hazardous in that it is non-toxic,
has a saturated temperature above freezing at atmospheric
not freeze flesh) and is not a severe solvent.  Therefore, loss
pressure (will
would not pose
a threat to either equipment or personnel.
This system, as noted above, is the recommended method to
environmentally control transmitter facilities, either large or small.
Lighting. Fluorescent lighting may be used in all transmitter
buildings except helix houses.
Cable Vaults. Cables shall enter the building through a cable
vault, either under or above ground.
Cabling. Power cables shall be routed through cable trenches.
Signal cables shall be run overhead, using cable hangers.
Shielding. When specified in the BESEP, the electronic equipment
maintenance shop will contain a radio-frequency interference screen room.  The
screen room shall have a minimum floor area of 150 ft (13.9
and a minimum
of 60dB attenuation of electromagnetic radiation from 100 kHz to 100 MHz.  All
shielding shall conform to MIL-STD-188/124.  Any deviation from these
requirements will be contained in the BESEP.


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