Quantcast Bonding - 1012_10078

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The power line filters shall comply with the requirements for conducted
electromagnetic interference of Class A3 equipment, Test CE03.
Interference Suppression. All electrical and mechanical equipment
that generates radio-frequency interference shall be equipped with suppression
and shielding to eliminate such interference.
Cable Vaults. Cables shall be brought into the building through a
cable vault, either above or below ground.
Cable Trays. Provisions shall be made for installation of cable
trays as required by the BESEP.
a) Reinforcing steel shall be bonded together at a maximum spacing
of 8 feet (1.44 m) on centers or as set forth in the BESEP.
b) The bonding of metal objects, including structural steel,
reinforcing steel, flashing, downspouts, gutters, cable trays, pipes, and
ventilators, shall be provided only as set forth in the BESEP.
Grounding. Grounding shall include the bonding of all grounding
electrodes associated with electric wiring systems, telephone, lightning
protection, and piping systems which enter the building.  Refer to MIL-HDBK
419 Vol. II, section 1.6.
Shielding. The criteria for transmitter facilities shall apply.
Emergency Power. Class D & C power is normally required.
Direction-Finder Facilities. The pusher Direction-Finder (DF) unit
determines the origin of a high-frequency transmitted radio signal by means of
a cross-fix between two or more DF facilities.  Pusher units and other arrays
less costly to construct generally will be used in lieu of Wullenweber DF
arrays; however, because Wullenweber DF arrays have performance advantages
over the smaller arrays, they may be used where performance is the overriding
Architectural and Structural.  In addition to the requirements in
Section 3, acoustical treatment of NAVSECGRU elements shall provide noise
attenuation within the area to a level commensurate with its use.  (See NAVFAC
DM-1.03) Treatment measures for floors, ceilings, and walls will be specified
in the BESEP, along with any special requirements.
Mechanical and Electrical.  The criteria for radio receiver
buildings are usually applicable.  Any deviations will be set forth in the
Command/Control/Intelligence Centers. Command/control/intelligence
centers normally include administrative space, digital computer systems,
interactive terminals, graphic display systems, closed-circuit television
systems, secure briefing areas, and extensive external and internal


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