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communication capabilities supported by wire lines.  Essentially, design
criteria applicable to communication centers and digital computer facilities
apply to command/control/intelligence centers.  Specific guidance concerning
the layout of the facility, physical security requirements, and types of
systems will be set forth in the BESEP.
Architectural and Structural-. Special requirements shall be as set
forth in the BESEP.
Mechanical. Special requirements shall be as set forth in the
Electrical. Special requirements shall be set forth in the BESEP
Emergency Power.
Normally, UPS and emergency power are required.
Training Facilities. The mission of an electronic training
facility is to provide an environment similar or identical to that of an
operational site. The facility should provide individuals and teams with
theoretical and hands-on training, so that trainees may become proficient in
equipment operation and maintenance.  A realistic man-machine interface
environment is critical to ensure successful personnel performance in tactical
environments.  The typical electronic training facility should include
equipment such as transmitters, receivers, and computers which are identical
to those currently in use.  The specific design requirements will be set forth
by the user operational command.  For further information, refer to NAVELEX
0101,109, Naval Training Facilities.
Architectural and Structural
Configuration.  The design should be flexible to allow for future
expansion and/or adaptation of the space for different training programs. The
following are among the factors to be considered:
a) Individual study areas;
b) Peak demand plumbing design;
c) Mailrooms;
d) Corridors adequate for class movement;
Facilities for off-hours duty personnel;
f) Data center;
g) Administrative spaces for instructors;
h) Adequate floor-to-ceiling heights for raised floors, cabling,
ceilings, lights, raceways, ducts, etc.
i) Dummy loads, interface devices, and simulators;


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