Quantcast Power Requirements - 1012_10093

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h) Antenna Cables.  Where control and signal cables leading to
antennas penetrate the roof of a van or other similar transportable, a
suitable protective cover shall be provided.
Power Requirements
a) Primary Power.  Relocatable and non-relocatable installations
shall be designed to operate on commercial power or generator power, with the
determining factors being the availability, accessibility, and reliability of
commercial power at the site.  Tactical installations usually require portable
The need for emergency power shall be
b) Emergency Power.
considered for each case.
c) Power Connections. The installation of power connections for
transportable installations is NAVFAC's responsibility.  Lighting. The primary lighting system shall be designed to operate
off the primary power source.  Battery-operated emergency lighting shall be
provided for use during primary power outages.  Bonding. The criteria governing permanent electronic facilities
are applicable to the design of transportables.  Specific requirements
a) Direct Bonds. Soldering and welding are the preferred methods.
Where semi-permanent bolted bonds are required, lock washers of the internal-
external type shall be used.
b) Indirect Bonds.  Low-inductance bonding straps shall be used.
The strap ends shall be brazed or silver-soldered to the ground bus or
terminal. The connections to the equipment or cabinets shall be bolted and
shall have a measured resistance of 0.01 ohms or less.  Grounding. The criteria governing permanent electronic facilities
are applicable to the design of transportables.  Specific  requirements
a) Relocatable and non-relocatable.  Grounding techniques shall be
of the more permanent type, since the facility, one installed, will operate
for an indefinite period.  If the facility is moved, the grounding system
essentially will be abandoned in place.
b) Tactical.  The ground system shall be designed such that the
facility is capable of carrying the majority of its ground rods and
interconnecting cables.
c ) Responsibilities. The grounding facilities at installations
where transportable configurations are used shall be designed by NAVFAC and
installed by Public Works or contractor personnel responsible for constructing
entire facility. The electronic equipment installer shall tie into the ground
stub with a short connection from the container.


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