Quantcast Power Distribution - 1012_10098

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b) Secure Power.  Power used to supply equipment that processes
red information may require special service to ensure security.  The BESEP
will set forth all such requirements.
c ) Frequency Conversion. Where frequency conversion is required,
either a motor generator or static converter shall be used.  Motor generators
shall be located in a room separate from computer equipment.  Static
converters can be located in the computer room if they are adequately grounded
to prevent EMI.  Situations where two converters are required will be
indicated in the BESEP.
Class C auxiliary power, when required, will
d) Emergency Power.
be specified in the BESEP.
e) No-break Power. Class D auxiliary power is normally required
and shall be as set forth in the BESEP.
f) Convenience Outlets.  Convenience outlets in ADP equipment
units shall be run off the technical bus.  Additional outlets shall be
provided at 12 to 14 foot (3.66 to 4.27 m) intervals around the perimeter of
the room.  These outlets shall be run off the non-technical bus.
a)  Bus Configuration. Power shall be distributed in a split bus
system, with one bus serving the technical load and one bus serving the non-
technical load.
b) Technical Bus.  The technical bus shall serve the computer
equipment and minimal lighting.
c)  Non-technical Bus. The non-technical bus shall serve all other
Power Control
a) Main Disconnect. The "emergency off" switch shall be as close
to the main exit as possible.
b) Emergency Power Monitoring System Controls. When an emergency
power system is required, a facility monitoring panel shall be provided in the
computer room and electrical equipment room.  The panel shall indicate when
emergency power is in use (emergency power on), sound an alarm with a manual
shut-off feature (emergency power alarm), and provide telephone communication
between the computer room and the alternate power supply.
a) Equipment Protection.  Equipment shall be grounded in
accordance with manufacturer's specification and comply with MIL-STD-188/124
and MIL-HDBK-419.


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