Quantcast Definitions - 1012_30100

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Uninterruptible power supply.
Unshielded twisted pair.
Wide area network.
Backbone.  A facility comprised of pathway and cable which links
two or more telecommunications closets, distribution terminals,
entrance facilities, and equipment rooms either within or between
Bonding.  The permanent joining of metallic parts to form a low
loss electrically conductive path that will ensure electrical
continuity and the capacity to safely conduct any current imposed
on it.  Commonly used to construct grounding systems.
Bridge tap.  The multiple connection of the same cable pair at
several distribution points.
Building entrance facility.  The entrance to a building for both
commercial and Government network service comprised of the
grounding mechanism, pathway, and cable extending from the
building entrance to the wall of the equipment room.
Buried cable.  Cable which is plowed or trenched directly into
the ground rather than run in duct.
Cable.  An assembly of one or more metallic or fiber optic
conductors within an enveloping sheath design to allow cable use
singly or in groups.
Channel.  An end-to-end transmission path between two points that
includes the patch cord, station cord, and application specific
equipment.  It shall not exceed 100 m (328 ft.).
Conduit.  A raceway of circular cross-section constructed of
materials authorized by NFPA 70 and used to transport cables from
point to point.
Cross-connect.  A facility or function which provides for the
termination and interconnection of cables.


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