Quantcast Figure 26. Hydraulically Swaged Wire Rope Fitting

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Figure 25.
Wire Rope Clamps.
Figure 26.
Hydraulically Swaged Wire Rope Fitting.
The critical component of the gate reinforcement system is the
chain used to fasten the gates together.  When the gates are closed, a 1/2-
inch (12.7-mm) diameter welded steel alloy chain conforming to RR-C-271 (Table
2, Type 1, Grade C, Class 1), is passed through each of the wire rope loops at
the opening and around the two upright gate posts, then snugly fastened
together with a Medium Security Padlock (MIL-P-43951) as shown in Figure 24.
There are times when a gate reinforcement cable barrier system is
desired but a cable reinforcement system for the adjoining fence is not


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