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Knuckle.  The selvage obtained by interlocking adjacent pairs of wire ends and
bending the wire back into a loop.
Line Posts (10).  Intermediate posts spaced a maximum of 10 feet (3.04 m)
apart and considered to be the backbone of the fence line.
Line Rail Clamp.
A fitting to secure mid-rail(s) or bottom rail or both, to
the line post.
m. Meter.
Mesh (1).
The clear distance between parallel wires forming a diamond.
Military Handbook.
mm. Millimeter.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Naval Electronics Command.
Naval Facilities Engineering Command.
National Fire Protection Association.
NSN. National Stock Number.
Chief of Naval Operations Instruction.
Picket.  A single helically formed steel wire like those used in the
manufacture of chain link fence fabric.  Used for field splicing rolls of
fabric into continuous chain link mesh.
Post Cap.
A fitting atop a post usually to exclude water from tubular posts.
Post Hinge.  A fitting that attaches to the gate post, the pintle of which
fits the frame hinge permitting the gate to swing.
Pull Post.  A terminal post used in a line of fence to brace a long stretch of
fence or effect a change in elevation along the fence line.
Poly Vinyl Chloride coating used on fencing and fence materials.
Rail End.  A cup-shaped fitting used with a brace to connect the top rail or
brace to a post.
A decorative ornament on top of a gate.


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