Quantcast Security Glazing Planning and Analysis Worksheets

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Appendixes.  The appendixes provide an introduction to
process charts, design worksheets, procedures for using the
computer program Safevue, procedures for planning and risk
analysis, example analyses, and cross-section illustrations.  The
content of each appendix is summarized below.
Process Charts.  This is Appendix A of the handbook.
It introduces process chart structures.
Security Glazing Planning and Analysis Worksheets.
This is Appendix B of the handbook.  It contains worksheets for
use with selection and risk analysis procedures.
Safevue Procedures.  This is Appendix C of the
handbook.  It provides procedures for using the computer program
Safevue to analyze glazing systems subjected to blast
Risk Analysis.  This is Appendix D of the handbook.  It
provides a basis for defining the glazing system design criteria
at the start of a project for efficient and cost-effective
integration into the total design.  The criteria describe assets
associated with a facility, the threat to the assets, and the
level to which the assets are to be protected against the threat.
The appendix consists of four sections:
a) Planning:  Provides an overview of the risk analysis
process and presents the process as a summary
b) Assets:  Addresses identifying and categorizing
assets and assessing asset value.  This section
establishes which assets are to be protected.
c) Design Basis Threat:  Defines threats, identifies
likely aggressors, assesses likelihood of
aggression, identifies applicable tactics and threat
severity levels, and consolidates tactics into
design basis threat.
d) Level of Protection:  Assigns a level of protection
to each asset for each applicable tactic.
This appendix is based on Army TM 5-853-1, Security Engineering
Project Development.  It will be removed from later releases of
this handbook after a comprehensive risk analysis section is
added to MIL-HDBK-1013/1A, Design Guidelines for Physical
Security of Facilities .


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