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Examples.  This is Appendix E of the handbook.  It
helps clarify the use of procedures and worksheets in selecting
and evaluating glazing systems.
Cross-Sections.  This is Appendix F of the handbook.
It provides illustrations of the recommended cross-sections.
Using the Handbook.  This handbook is based on a series
of procedures.  These procedures assist in analyzing and
selecting glazing systems.  The procedures are presented as
process charts and descriptive text.  The following paragraphs
explain how to use the process charts and the procedures they
Procedures.  The planning for and selection of security
glazing systems require a systematic approach to ensure a cost-
effective, usable, and useful product.  The procedures presented
in this handbook provide the needed systematic approach, and when
followed, will result in a satisfactory solution to a complex
problem involving environmental concerns, cost constraints, and
multiple threats.
In general, each procedure is divided into three parts:
required information, descriptive text, and process charts.  The
following paragraphs describe these three parts.
Required Information.  Each process chart is
accompanied by a list of information that an analyst will likely
need to complete an evaluation or selection.  Required
information falls into two categories:
a) Information that can be gleaned from procedures in
this document.  This information is noted by a
reference to the appropriate procedure.
b) Information that must be obtained from other sources
(e.g., number and size of windows; asset type,
criticality, and value; and availability of security
It is the responsibility of the analyst to locate or determine
all required information for a procedure.
Included in the list of required information for each
procedure is an inventory of worksheets that the analyst will be
updating.  All worksheets are presented in Appendix B.


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