Quantcast Organization of Procedures

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Descriptive Text.  Each process chart is accompanied by
text either to the right of the chart in the same figure, or if
the chart fills a page, the text is in a separate figure.  The
text references each structure in the process chart through a
structure number.  The structure number is formatted as <#>,
where the pound sign represents a numerical value.  The text of
the structure is repeated in bold-face after the structure
number.  Following the structure text is an explanation of how to
execute the structure.  The descriptive text for each structure
either concludes with the structure number of the next step to be
executed, or for the last structure in a process, with the name
and figure of the parent procedure.
Process Charts.  Process charts break down and simplify
complex tasks.  For this reason, they are used extensively in the
planning and analysis parts of this handbook.  To take full
advantage of the charts, become familiar with the chart
structures, have the required information on hand before
beginning a procedure, and refer to the descriptive text for
clarification of actions, decisions, and information.
Appendix A provides detailed descriptions of all the
structures used in the process charts.  Refer to Appendix A for
assistance in interpreting and applying process charts.
The User.  The user of this handbook is generically
referred to as the "analyst."  In reality, the analyst may be an
engineer, security specialist or a design team.  Refer to MIL-
HDBK-1013/1A for a description of a facility design team.
Organization of Procedures.  To aid in locating and
using the procedures, Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3 present
organizational charts of the planning, analysis, and Safevue
procedures, respectively.  Each box in Figure 1 and Figure 2
lists the name, section number, and figure number of a procedure.
All of the procedures shown in Figure 3 are taken from Appendix
Related Technical Documents.  Use this handbook to
address specific design problems relative to security glazing.
Related technical documents are identified appropriately within
the text.
Related Instructions.  Six Department of the Navy
instructions govern protection of windows.


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