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Embedded Anchor.
Embedded anchors are connectors
that are cast in place, in concrete, at the time a building is
constructed.  They are manufactured in many different
configurations and geometrical shapes.  Embedded anchors that
anchor security glazing frames usually  have the geometric shape
of a headed stud.  The headed stud is then welded to a subframe
which is cast in concrete at the time a building is constructed.
Headed studs are produced from steel or stainless steel in
diameters ranging from 1/4 to 7/8 inch (6 to 22 mm) in diameter.
This type of anchorage is primarily used to protect against blast
Multi Sleeve Design
One Piece Sleeve Design
Taper Bolt Design
Figure 4
Expansion Anchors
Walls.  The
minimum construction requirements for wall
systems are viewed as
the basis of security requirements for
construction of other
structural components because several
pertinent regulations
require these other components to be as
secure as the walls.
The following wall systems are covered in
this paragraph:
a) Wood Frame
b) Unreinforced Brick


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