Quantcast Section 3: Aggressor Threats and Tactics

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Introduction.  Historical patterns and trends in
aggressor activity indicate general categories of aggressors and
the common tactics which they can be predicted to use against
military assets.  These aggressor tactics and their associated
tools, weapons, and explosives are the basis for the threat to
assets.  Understanding the basis for the threat and the
aggressors' objectives is essential to effective protective
system design.  This section describes aggressors, tactics,
tools, weapons, and explosives which are referred to throughout
this handbook.
Aggressor Characteristics.  Aggressors are people who
perform hostile acts against assets such as equipment, personnel,
and operations.  Aggressor objectives and their general
categories are described below.
Aggressor Objectives.  There are four major aggressor
objectives that describe aggressor behavior.  An explanation of
how these objectives apply to each aggressor category is
presented in MIL-HDBK-1013/1A.  The four aggressor objectives
a) inflicting injury or death on people
b) destroying or damaging facilities, property,
equipment, or resources
c) stealing equipment, material, or information
d) creating adverse publicity
Aggressors may use the first three objectives to accomplish the
Aggressor Categories.  The four general categories of
aggressors considered in this handbook are criminals, protesters,
terrorists, and subversives.  Hostile acts performed by these
aggressors range from crimes such as burglary to low-intensity
conflict such as unconventional warfare.  Each of these aggressor
categories describes predictable aggressors that pose threats to
military assets and who share common objectives and tactics.
Table 2 lists the aggressor categories and groups covered in the
handbook.  Refer to MIL-HDBK-1013/1A for descriptions of these
aggressor categories and groups.


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