Quantcast Figure 34. Process Chart and Description:  Cost Estimate Procedure

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<1> For Each Glazing System:. For
each glazing system under
consideration estimate the costs of
the cross-section, frame,
installation, and life cycle.
Proceed to <2> for next glazing
system. When done, return to
Figure 6.
<1> For Each
<2> Cross-Section Cost Estimate.
Glazing System:
Estimate cost of a cross-section
using Figure 35. Proceed to <3>.
<3> Frame Cost Estimate. Estimate
cost of frame using Figure 39.
Proceed to <4>.
<4> Installation Cost Estimate.
Cost Estimate
Estimate cost of installation using
Figure 40. Proceed to <5>.
<5> Initial Cost Estimate. Combine
the cross-section, frame, and
installation costs to determine the
<3> Frame
initial cost of glazing. Use Figure
Cost Estimate
41 to estimate an initial cost.
Proceed to <6>.
<6> Life Cycle Cost Estimate.
Estimating the life cycle cost of
<4> Installation
glazing systems is a complex
process that involves procedures
Cost Estimate
beyond the scope of this
handbook. The analyst is advised
to use NAVFAC P-442, Economic
Analysis Handbook, in conducting
<5> Initial Cost
a life cycle cost analysis. Proceed
to <1>.
<6> Life Cycle
Cost Estimate
Figure 34
Process Chart and Description:  Cost Estimate Procedure


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