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<1> Is Cross-Section Smaller Than Six Square Feet?For small cross-sections,
proceed to <2> to obtain small size cost factor.  Otherwise, proceed to <3>
for normal size cost factor.
<2> Enter Small Size Cost Factor. Small pieces require additional handling during
fabrication.  Enter a small size cost factor of 1.2 in field (s) of the Cross-
Section Cost Factor (CSCF) worksheet (see AppendiB for all worksheets).
Proceed to <4>.
<3> Enter Normal Size Cost Factor. Enter a normal size cost factor of 1.0 in field
(s) of the CSCF worksheet.  Proceed to <4>.
<4> Is Cross-Section Heavier Than 300 (140 kg) Pounds?For heavy cross-sections,
proceed to <5> to enter heavy weight cost factor.  Otherwise, proceed to <6>
to enter normal weight cost factor.
<5> Enter Heavy Weight Cost Factor. Heavy cross-sections require two people and a
manipulator for fabrication.  Put 1.3 in field (t) of the CSCF worksheet.
Proceed to <7>.
<6> Enter Normal Weight Cost Factor. Normal security cross-sections require two
people for fabrication.  Put 1.0 in field (t) of the CSCF worksheet.  Proceed
to <7>.
<7> Is Cross-Section Homogeneous? If the cross-section has only glass or
polycarbonate layers, proceed to <8> to obtain homogeneous cost factor.
Otherwise, proceed to <9> to enter mixed material cost factor.
<8> Enter All Homogeneous Factor. Put 1.15 in field (u) of the CSCF worksheet.
Return to Figure 35
<9> Enter Mixed Material Cost Factor. Put 1.25 in field (u) of the CSCF worksheet.
Return to Figure 35
Figure 38
Cross-Section Cost Estimate Procedure
Required Information.  The following information is
required for a cross-section fabrication cost estimate:
a) Cross-section weight.  This value is calculated
using Figure 36.
b) Cross-section area.  This value is calculated using
Figure 36.
c) Cross-section material types.  This information is
entered using Figure 36.
d) Worksheets (see Appendix B):
Cross-Section Cost Factor (CSCF)
Frame Cost Estimate Procedure.  This procedure assists
the analyst in determining a cost for a security frame.  It
includes factors for frame material, thickness, and type.  Figure
39 presents a process chart and description of the procedure.


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