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Procedural Structure.  The procedural structure, shown
in Figure A-4, represents the execution of multiple actions,
i.e., the execution of a procedure.
<1> First Procedure. Procedure sequence structures are
modeled using rectangles with double-line borders on
two sides. They are executed one at a time in order,
but unlike simple sequence structures, a separate
process chart is required for each procedure
sequence structure. Use a second process chart to
execute the first procedure. After finishing the first
procedure, proceed to <2>.
<1> First
<2> Second Procedure. Execute the second procedure
sequence action using a third process chart. Proceed
to <3>.
<3> Third Procedure. Execute the third procedure action
using a fourth process chart.
<2> Second
<3> Third
Figure A-4
Procedural Structure
Selection Structure.  This handbook uses two types of
selection structures:  simple selection and case.  The two
structures are described in the following paragraphs.
Simple Selection Structure.  The simple selection
structure, shown in Figure A-5, asks a question, in the form of a
conditional, that requires a yes or no action.  A specific action
is taken for a yes response and another action is taken for a no


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