Quantcast Appendix C Safevue Procedures

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Introduction.  This section provides two simplified
procedures for using Safevue.  The first is the Safevue
Evaluation Procedure.  Use it to evaluate existing windows.  The
second is the Safevue Selection Procedure.  Use it to select
plate and layer thicknesses for new and retrofit glazing systems.
Safevue User's Manual.  The two procedures provided in
this section use specific features of Safevue to accomplish their
objectives.  They are not tutorials and are not intended to
explain or describe the features and capabilities of Safevue.
Analysts are encouraged to read the Safevue User's Manual to
learn more about the computer program and how to use it.
Installation.  The procedures in this section assume
that the user has successfully installed Safevue and is able to
execute programs from the DOS command line.  For instructions on
installing the program, the analyst is referred to the Safevue
User's Manual.
Safevue Evaluation Analysis Procedure.  This procedure
helps to evaluate the performance of an existing glazing system
subjected to blast loading.  It provides a set of structures that
step an analyst through the Safevue computer program from data
entry through results analysis.  A process chart and description
of the procedure are shown in Figure C-1.
Required Information.  The following information is
required for a Safevue evaluation analysis:
a) Worksheets (see Appendix B):
1)  Cross-Section Evaluation


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