Quantcast Data Entry Procedure

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<1> Change to Safevue Directory.
From the DOS command line, enter
"CD \Safevue" and then press the
"Enter" key to change to the
Safevue directory. Proceed to <2>.
<2> Execute Safevue. From the DOS
command line, enter "Safevue" and
<1> Change to
then press the "Enter" key to begin
Safevue Directory
program execution. Proceed to
<3> Read User Documentation?
Proceed to <4> to read the user
<2> Execute
documentation. Proceed to <6> to
skip the user documentation.
<4> View User Documentation. Press
the `Y' and "Enter" keys to access
user documentation. Use cursor
keys to scroll the documentation.
<3> Read User
Proceed to <5>.
<5> Exit User Documentation. Press
the "Esc" key to exit user
documentation. Proceed to <7>.
<6> Skip User Documentation. Press
the `N' and "Enter" keys to skip user
documentation. Proceed to <7>.
<6> Skip User
<4> View User
<7> Select Default Materials File.
Press the "Enter" key to use the
default file name when requested to
"Enter name of MATERIALS FILE."
Refer to the Safevue user
<7> Select Default
<5> Exit User
documentation for creating and
Materials File
using material files. Proceed to
<8> Enter Project Title. Enter the
Project\Building Identification from
<8> Enter Project
the Safevue Data Entry worksheet
(see Appendix B for all worksheets)
as the project title. Return to Figure
Figure C-6
Process Chart and Description:  Safevue Startup Procedure
Data Entry Procedure.  This procedure contains
structures for entering glazing, explosives, and algorithm data
into the Safevue computer program.  This procedure will assist in
analyzing the performance of glazing systems.  A process chart
and description of the procedure are shown in Figure C-7.


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