Quantcast Glazing Data Entry Procedure

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<1> Glazing Data Entry for Evaluation
Analysis. Enter information on the
plates and layers of the cross-
section using Figure C-8. Proceed
to <4>.
<2> Explosives Data Entry. Define the
type of explosives and charge
<1> Glazing
weight using Figure C-10. Proceed
to <5>.
Data Entry
<3> Algorithm Data Entry. Select the
resistance function generator using
Figure C-12. If this is an analysis for
a selection application, return to
<2> Explosives
Figure C-13. Otherwise, return to
Data Entry
Figure C-1.
<3> Algorithm
Data Entry
Figure C-7
Process Chart and Description:  Data Entry Procedure
Required Information.  The following information is
required for the Data Entry procedure:
a) Worksheets (see Appendix B):
1)  None
Glazing Data Entry Procedure.  This procedure contains
structures for entering glazing dimensions, number of stacked
plates, and thickness codes for layers within plates.  This
procedure will assist in analyzing the performance of glazing
systems.  A process chart and description of the procedure are
shown in Figure C-8 and Figure C-9, respectively.


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