Quantcast Figure C-19. Process Chart and Description:  Results Analysis Procedure

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<1> Record Analysis Results. Record the
dynamic load shown at the top of the
screen in column (e) of the Safevue
Analysis worksheet (see Appendix B for all
worksheets). In column (f) of the
worksheet, mark whether the cross-section
passed or failed. For a cross-section that
<1> Record
passes, enter the minimum bite in column
Analysis Results
(g). Press the `C' and "Enter" keys to
continue. Proceed to <2>.
<2> Record Maximum Capacity. When
Safevue displays the Safevue Control
<2> Record
Menu, select G, "Find MAXIMUM
CAPACITY" and record the dynamic load
shown at the top of the screen in column
(h) of the Safevue Analysis worksheet.
Press the `C' and "Enter" keys to continue.
Proceed to <3>.
<3> Did
<3> Did Cross-Section Fail? If the cross-
section failed, proceed to <4> to modify
plates and layers. For a cross-section that
passed, proceed to <5>.
<4> Modify Cross-Section to Avoid Failure.
<4> Modify
Refer to paragraph C.16.2, Modifying a
<5> Calculate
Cross-Section to
Cross-Section to Avoid Failure, for
Load Ratio
Avoid Failure
guidance on increasing the cross-section
thickness. Return to Figure C-13.
<5> Calculate Load Ratio. From the Safevue
Analysis worksheet, divide the maximum
<6> Is
capacity in column (h) by the dynamic
Load Ratio Greater
load in column (f) and enter the result in
the column (i). Proceed to <6>.
Than 1.2?
<6> Is Load Ratio Greater Than 1.2? If the
load ratio in column (i) of the Safevue
Analysis worksheet is greater than 1.2,
<7> Modify
proceed to <7> to modify the cross-
section's layers and plates. Otherwise,
Cross-Section to
return to Figure C-13.
Avoid Overdesign
<7> Modify Cross-Section to Avoid
Overdesign. Refer to paragraph C.16.3,
Modifying a Cross-Section to Avoid
Overdesign, for guidance on decreasing
the thickness of a cross-section. Return to
Figure C-13.
Figure C-19
Process Chart and Description:  Results Analysis Procedure
The following information is
required for results analysis:


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