Quantcast Relative Value for AA&E

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Relative Asset Value.  This factor provides a measure
of the relative value of an asset based on measures of value
appropriate for particular asset categories.  Different tables
are used to evaluate the relative values of different asset
categories.  The different tables reflect the most appropriate
ways of measuring cost for the various asset categories.  Select
the appropriate table for determining relative asset value using
Table D-6.
D- Relative Value for AA&E.  The relative value for AA&E
in bulk or unit level storage is based on the risk category of
the AA&E as identified in regulations.  Risk categories for Army
and Navy are designated as Category I through IV.  Corresponding
risk categories for Air Force AA&E are Very High through Low.
Quantity is accounted for in considering the mission criticality
of the asset to the military and the user.  Evaluate relative
value for these assets using Table D-7.


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