Quantcast Applicability of Indicated Threat Severity Levels

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likelihood of aggression for an aggressor is low, the protective
system can be designed for a threat severity level lower than the
maximum threat severity level for that aggressor.  This is based
on the user assuming that the aggressors will expend less effort
and fewer resources on assets which are less attractive to them.
The user accepts the risk that this assumption is correct and
that the aggressor does not attack at a higher threat severity
Applicability of Indicated Threat Severity Levels.  The
threat severity levels indicated are for generic aggressors in
unspecified locations.  If intelligence indicates that a
different threat severity level applies based on known aggressor
characteristics or site or asset specific considerations, these
threat severity levels may be modified.  In addition, if such
considerations indicate that a specific tactic is inapplicable to
threats against the asset under consideration, the tactic may be
deleted from the threat.  In either of these cases, provide a
written explanation justifying the variance from the tactic and
threat severity level guidance provided.


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