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materials (types and thickness) are uniformly distributed around
its neutral axis.
Symmetrical Insulating Glass Unit:  an insulating glass unit
which has lites of equal thickness and identical heat treatment.
Temper:  the degree of residual stress on annealed glass measured
polarimetrically or by polariscopic comparison with a standard
such as one or more strain disks.
Tempered Glass:  glass that has been subjected to a thermal
treatment characterized by rapid cooling to produce a
comparatively stressed surface layer.  See "Fully Tempered Glass"
and "Heat Strengthened Glass."
TNT-Equivalent Weight:  the weight of a particular explosive
which produces an explosion similar to 1 pound of TNT.
Tool Mix:  group of tools and explosives used in forced entry
attacks.  Qualifying tool categories for each design basis threat
severity level are specified in Table D-30.
Urethane, Aliphatic:  thermoplastic interlayer required to bond
polycarbonate lite to polycarbonate or glass lite.
Venting:  the relief of overpressure in confined volumes through
the release of air to a larger volume.  An open window helps to
vent an explosion.


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