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TM 5-853-1/AFMAN 32-1071
Vol. 1
Security Engineering Project Design
TM 5-853-2/AFMAN 32-1071
Vol. 2
Security Engineering Concept Design
TM 5-853-3/AFMAN 32-1071
Vol. 3
Security Engineering Final Design
FACEDAP 2.1, Version 1.2,
Facility Component Explosive Damage Assessment
BIRM A Vehicle Barrier Impact Response Model
Using Barrier VII
(Copies of DODINST 2000.12H are available from the DOD. Copies of FM 8-
9/NAVMED P5059/AFJMAN 44-151VIV2V3 are available from the Department of Army, Navy,
or Air Force. Copies of NAVFAC P397/TM-5-1300/AF4 88-22 are available from the Department
of Army, Navy, or Air Force. Copies of TM 5-853-1, -2, and 3/AFMAN 32-1071 Vols. 1, 2, and
3, FACEDAP 2.1 and PDC-TR90-2 are available from the Department of the Army.)
Non-Government Publications. The following documents form a part of this document
to the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise specified, issues of the documents that are DOD
adopted are listed in the latest issue of the DODISS and supplement thereto.
Means, R. S., "Building Construction Cost Data", 55th Edition, 1997. (Requests for
copies should be addressed to the R. S. Means Company, Inc.)
Whitney, M. G., Ketchum, D. E., and Polcyn, M. A., "Blast Vulnerability Guide"
(Southwest Research Institute, Project No. 06-1473-040, Prime Contract No. N00123-
86-D-0299, Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Subcontract No. TRI87107, Tecolote
Research, Inc.), October, 1987. (Requests for copies should be addressed to the Naval
Facilities Engineering Service Center, 1100 23rd Avenue, Port Hueneme, California,
Order of Precedence. In the event of a conflict between the text of this document and
the references cited herein, the text of this document takes precedence. Nothing in this document,
however, supersedes applicable laws and regulations unless a specific exemption has been obtained.


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