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Vehicle Barrier Selection. If the answer to the question, "Is the damage and injury
level acceptable?" (Step 7 of Figure 1) is YES and acceptable damage and injury levels can be
achieved in a cost-effective manner (Step 8 of Figure 1), then the user can proceed with the
design of the vehicle barrier. To arrive at a design for the vehicle barrier system (Step 9 of
Figure 1), the designer should follow the process shown in Figure 2 and described in Section 7.
Design Parameters. During the selection process for active or passive vehicle
barriers, the following should be considered:
a) Maximum speed attainable by the threat vehicle;
b) Potential angles of approach to the barrier;
c) Configuration of the access route to the barrier to reduce vehicle speed;
d) Determination of kinetic energy developed by the threat vehicle;
e) Selection of an active and/or passive barrier to absorb the kinetic energy
developed by the threat vehicle.
Performance Considerations. Information on performance considerations can be
found in Section 7. The following should also be considered before the final selection of an
appropriate barrier is made:
a) Impact on operations;
b) Operational requirements for access control (for active barriers);
c) Compatibility of the vehicle barrier with other security components;
d) Vehicle barrier aesthetics, safety, reliability, and maintainability.
Final Selection. The designer should now be ready to make a final selection of the
vehicle barrier. Data on active and passive barriers can be found in Section 8, along with barrier
descriptions and performance information. Cost information can be found in Appendix C.
Process Summary. Careful application of this process should enable the designer to
select a cost-effective barrier system that will greatly enhance the protection of a vulnerable
facility from terrorist vehicle bomb attacks.


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