Quantcast Integrated Physical Security System

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Integrated Physical Security System. An integrated physical security protection system
can be developed from the deficiencies identified in the site survey. Current security requirements
and threats identified for the specific facility should be considered. Physical barriers, such as
perimeter fences and active and passive barriers, should be integrated with other security
components and options to provide comprehensive protection. For example, vehicles attempting to
penetrate the perimeter covertly can be detected, using perimeter sensors, lights, and closed circuit
television (CCTV), and assessed. Sallyports can be used to detect bombs hidden in vehicles
entering the facility. Bollards, ditches and planters can be strategically placed to improve
performance and reduce the cost of the perimeter barrier. Clear zones can be used for early
detection of a broad range of potential threats. Examples of some integrated physical security
measures are shown in Figure 4.
Figure 4
Integrated Physical Security System


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