Quantcast Vehicle Barrier Selection Checklist -Cont.

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Selection factors:
24. Will the selected barrier need to be aesthetically pleasing?
25. Are appropriate safety features being considered?
26. Will there be sufficient lighting at the active barrier location?
27. Will electronic access control (card reader) be included?
28. If so, are procedures in place to prevent tailgating?
29. Will the active barrier require backup power?
30. What is the available power source?
31. Is training available from the manufacturer?
32. Does the manufacturer have optional features available to meet operational, safety, security, and
RAM requirements?
33. Has the selected barrier been crash-tested or are calculations/computer analysis using BIRM
(PDC TR90-2) available that will demonstrate performance capability?
34. Will the active barrier be electrically or hydraulically powered?
35. How will the barrier be controlled?
36. Is the selected barrier designed to resist corrosion or other environmental effects?
37. Will the active barrier function adequately within the temperature extremes present at the
selected site?
38. Are optional heaters and coolers available to compensate for temperature extremes?
39. Is the active barrier capable of manual operation in case of power failure?
40. Is the active or passive barrier the most cost-effective option available?
Installation factors:
41. Is there a high water table?
42. If so, can the excavation be adequately drained?
43. Will active barriers be installed in areas that are under constant surveillance?
44. Are barriers installed on both the entrance and exit sides of the access point?
45. Are spare parts available for the active barrier?
46. Will regularly scheduled maintenance be performed in-house or by contract?


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