Quantcast Table 8. Linear Crash Gates Available From Delta Scientific

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Table 8
Linear Crash Gates Available From Delta Scientific
Height, inches (cm)
108 (274)
40 (102)
Length, inches (cm)
144 (365) to 300 (762)
144 (365) to 300 (762)
Normal operating cycle (Feet (meters)
30 (9) to 100 (30)
30 (9) to 100 (30)
per minute)
Emergency operating cycle (seconds)
Not applicable
Not applicable
Kinetic energy absorbed in impact
1.2 (0.16)
1.2 (0.16)
testing, ft-lbf (kgf-m) x one million
Kinetic energy rating by engineering
2.6 (0.36)
2.6 (0.36)
analysis, ft-lbf (kgf-m) x one million
(destruction of vehicle with some
damage to barrier)
Barrier cost, $ x one thousand for a
5 to 10
single system. Optional items are
Installation cost as a percentage of
equipment cost
*DOS certified
Testing. Three tests were conducted on the TT280 by the NFESC, in conjunction
with DOS, using vehicles weighing approximately 15,000 pounds (6,818 kg). At speeds of 34
and 40 mph (55 and 65 kph), the vehicle did not penetrate the sliding gate. At 55 mph (89 kph),
the vehicle penetrated the sliding gate 5.5 feet (1.7 m).
Nasatka Maximum Security Barrier (NMSB)
Description. The Nasatka NMSB II vehicle barrier (Figure 16) is a hydraulically
operated barrier, 31 inches (79 cm) high by 14 feet (4.3 m) wide. It has a fully electronic,
programmable controller that provides a range of functions. Multiple barriers can be controlled
from a single hydraulic power system. Models NMSB II and NMSB IIIb can be moved without
roadway rebuilding. Installation can be completed in 24 hours by bolting the barriers to the
roadway. Models NMSB II, NMSB IIIb, and NMSB IV are certified by DOS.
The NMSB IV is an underground, flush-mounted barrier, as shown in Figure 17. The
NMSB IIIb and VIIa are similar in construction and operation, varying only in the height of the
barrier and surface foundation pad construction, as shown in Figure 18. Performance and cost data
are shown in Table 9.


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