Quantcast Table 11. Magnum and Stinger Vehicle Barriers Available From OMNISEC

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Table 11
Magnum and Stinger Vehicle Barriers Available From OMNISEC
Height, inches (cm)
44 (112)
32 (81)
Width, inches (cm)
96 to 144 (243 to 365)
96 to 144 (243 to 365)
Normal operating cycle (seconds)
4 to 6
4 to 6
Emergency operating cycle (seconds)
Kinetic energy absorbed in impact testing,
1.2 (0.16)
1.2 (0.16)
ft-lbf (kgf-m) x one million
Kinetic energy rating by engineering
analysis, ft-lbf (kgf-m) x one million
(destruction of vehicle with some damage to
Barrier cost, $ x one thousand for a single
20 to 40 depending on
20 to 40 depending on
system. Optional items are extra.
width of clear opening
width of clear opening
Installation cost as a percentage of
equipment cost
*DOS certified
NA =Not Available
Testing. The Magnum and Stinger barriers were both tested with a 15,000-pound
(6,818-kg) vehicle, traveling at 50 mph (80 kph), that failed to penetrate either barrier.
OMNISEC Portapungi
Description. The Portapungi shown in Figure 22 is a lever-actuated system designed to
immobilize a vehicle by engaging the front axle. It is 23 inches (58 cm) high and comes in 8-, 10-,
and 12-foot (2.4-, 3-, and 3.66-m) widths. The system is portable and can be operated from either
the left or right side (manually or hydraulically).
An optional transport kit is available for moving the barrier from point to point. The
system can be set up within minutes. This barrier is best used for temporary installations, or where
high water table is a concern. Performance and cost data are shown in Table 12.


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