Quantcast OMNISEC SEMA-4 High-Impact Crash Beam

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Testing. The Portapungi was tested with a 14,900-pound (6,772-kg) vehicle, traveling at
40 mph (64 kph), that penetrated the barrier 40 feet (12 m).
OMNISEC SEMA-4 High-Impact Crash Beam  Description. OMNISEC also produces a low-security barrier, shown in Figure 23, that
is a cable-reinforced, manually or hydraulically operated, post-mounted, steel tube barrier. The
beam is counterbalanced and lifts at one end to allow vehicle access. Standard widths are from 144
to 240 inches (366 to 610 cm) in 12-inch (30-cm) increments. This system is frequently used for
low-impact conditions (when vehicle speed can be limited) and as the interior barrier (after a
primary high-impact barrier) for vehicle inspection areas or sally ports. Performance and cost data
are shown in Table 13.
Figure 23
SEMA-4 Vehicle Barrier System


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