Quantcast TYMETAL Fortified Impact Gate System

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Table 13
SEMA-4 Vehicle Barrier Available From OMNISEC
Height, inches (cm)
40 (101)
Width, inches (cm)
144 to 240 (366 to 610)
Normal operating cycle, feet (meters) per minute
Emergency operating cycle, seconds
Kinetic energy absorbed in impact testing, ft-lbf
0.034 (0.005)
(kgf-m) x one million
Kinetic energy rating by engineering analysis, ft-lbf
(kgf-m) x one million (destruction of vehicle with
some damage to barrier)
Barrier cost, $ x one thousand for a single system.
4 to 5 depending on width of clear
Optional items are extra.
Installation cost as a percentage of equipment cost
NA=Not Available  Testing. The manufacturer tested this barrier with a 10,000-pound (4,545-kg) vehicle,
traveling at 15 mph (24 kph), that failed to penetrate the barrier. This equates to kinetic energy
absorption of 34,400 ft-lbf (4,700 kgf-m).
TYMETAL Fortified Impact Gate System  Description. TYMETAL has developed a vehicle crash resistant barrier system for
use with their horizontal and vertical lift gates. The barrier can be used for both portable and
permanent construction. The system consists of a beam or cable attached to the gate frame
members and two precast concrete anchors with a specially designed, spring-loaded locking
mechanism. The design will accommodate openings from 10 feet (3 m) to 60 feet (18.3 m).  Testing. This barrier has not been crash-tested; however, calculations provided by the
manufacturer show it is designed to stop a 5,000-pound (2,272-kg) vehicle traveling at 30 mph
(48 kph) with a penetration of less than 6 feet (1.8 m). Contact the manufacturer for cost data.
Mandell Armor CUTLASS  Description. The CUTLASS, shown in Figure 24, is manufactured by Mandel Armor
and constructed as a complete assembly. No extensive site preparation is required. The system
can be operated automatically or manually. The barriers can be produced in widths up to 30 feet
(9 m). The system has a variety of optional features, including corrosion-resistant finish, safety


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