Quantcast Excavations and Ditches

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Testing. This barrier was tested with a 15,000-pound (6,818-kg) vehicle traveling at
47 mph. The vehicle did not penetrate the barrier.
Excavations and Ditches
Description. Excavations, berms, and ditches, shown in Figure 28, can be effectively
used to stop vehicles from penetrating the restricted boundary. Triangular ditches and hillside
cuts are easy to construct and very effective against a wide range of vehicle types. Side hill cuts
are variations of the triangular ditch adapted to side hill locations and have the same advantages
and limitations. A trapezoidal ditch requires more construction time, but is more effective in
stopping a vehicle. With this type of construction, a vehicle will be trapped when the front end
falls into the ditch and the undercarriage is hung up on the leading edge of the ditch.
Testing. None of these configurations have been tested. However, soil and rock will
absorb large amounts of kinetic energy and should effectively stop most vehicles, if constructed
according to the dimensions shown in Figure 28.


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