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Tire Shredders  Description. Tire shredders can be either surface-mounted or imbedded, as shown in
Figure 31. These devices are normally used for traffic control purposes and are designed to slow
or stop a vehicle by deflating their pneumatic tires. These units are available from a number of
commercial manufacturers. Delta Scientific Corporation manufactures the unit shown in Figure
31. When a vehicle drives over the mechanism in the wrong direction, the spikes penetrate the
tire casing, which quickly deflates the tires, making the vehicle difficult to operate for extended
periods. The cost for tire shredders is approximately $1,000 for a standard roadway. These
systems should not be considered vehicle barriers and are shown here only as an option for either
slowing a vehicle prior to impact with a barrier or where two to three times the required standoff
distance is available between the entry point and the protected structure. These systems may not
be effective against modern "run flat" tires; heavy-duty, off-road truck tires; or extra-wide tires
that can bridge over two or more spikes. Required standoff distances for explosive protection
can be established by using the guidance in Appendix D.
Figure 31
Tire Shredders


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