Quantcast Section 2: Pre-Design Phase

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Objective.  The objective of the pre-design phase is to establish
specific requirements and criteria for the design of a security system for
either a new or retrofit facility.  These requirements and criteria include:
(1) the design threat the security system must protect against; (2) the
operating procedures, including response time, of the security guard force;
and (3) any physical, functional, or budgetary constraints associated with
the site or building that can affect the security system design.  These
requirements must also consider the specific planning policies and procedures
reflected in related military directives and instructions.  Establishing
security requirements during the pre-design phase allows security to be
addressed early at the start of a project allowing it to be integrated into
the total design of the building efficiently and cost effectively.
Design Team.  The design team should include representatives from
the intended facility users, as well as the designated military installation
intelligence officers, operational officers, security or law enforcement
officials, and engineering and planning personnel.  The facility user can
help identify special operational or logistical requirements as well as the
relative criticality of the asset contained in the facility.  Intelligence
personnel can provide input on historical or projected future threats and
their likely targets.  Operations personnel can provide information on the
criticality of assets from the overall installation or activity level.
Security personnel can help establish the response capabilities of the
security guard forces as well as identify potential criminal threats.
Engineering and planning personnel should organize the effort and consolidate
all facility information into the appropriate documents.
Section Organization.  Paragraph 2.2 is a brief overview of DoD
directives and instructions defining physical security related planning
policies and requirements. Paragraph 2.3 is a general discussion of the steps
to be taken during the pre-design phase to establish the design threat.
Paragraph 2.4 addresses the response operating procedures and related alarm
response time of the security guard force. Paragraph 2.5 presents other
requirements and constraints that can affect the security system design.
Physical Security Planning Policy and Requirements.  This section
provides a brief overview of a number of DoD and other directives and
instructions defining physical security related planning policies and
DoD Directive 5200.8-R:  Security of DoD Installations and
Resources.  This directive prescribes minimum standards and policies related
to the physical protection of personnel, installations, and assets of the
DoD.  The objective is to minimize damage or reduce loss or theft to assets,
and to ensure that war-fighting capabilities are maintained.  Specific areas


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