Quantcast Re-layout building interior to provide more layers

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<50> Improve guard response time.  This may be accomplished by:
(a) adding an on-site guard to reduce threat assessment timelines, (b)
sending the reaction force on alarm instead of an assessment guard, or (c)
seeking other ways of improving the guard response.  The response time should
be reduced in Item 4 of the worksheet appropriately and the designer should
return to Element <47>, above.
<51> Include CCTV or on-site guard?  If not already included, CCTV
or on-site guard may be added at the first point of threat detection to
reduce threat assessment times.  If this is possible, the response time can
be reduced in Row 4 of the worksheet by a factor of two and the designer can
return to Element <47>, above.
<52> Re-layout building interior to provide more layers.  The
preliminary layout can be changed to provide more layers between the building
exterior and interior.  For example, if a single floor separates the secured
area from the ground floor of a multistory building and delay time
requirements cannot be met, consider relocating the secured area higher in
the building, forcing the intruder to penetrate two or more intermediate
floors.  To protect the secure area, delay requirements for some components
like walls may be achieved without using multiple barriers, while other
components, such as doors, may require a multiple barrier approach.  A design
approach where multiple barriers are placed between the exterior shell of the
building and an interior space containing the secured resources is
illustrated in Figure 10.  If possible, the added layers should be introduced
and the designer can move on to Element <53>.
<53> Select construction of next layer.  The construction of the
next layer should be selected using the data in par. 5.5 and entered
appropriately into Columns C and D of the Worksheet for new construction, or
par. 5.6 and Rows C, D, E and F of the worksheet for retrofit construction.
<54> Is the combined PDT plus ingress/egress time greater than or
equal to the guard response time for all components and layers?  If one or
more of the building component PDT plus ingress/egress times (both interior
and exterior to the building) does not equal or exceed the guard response
time, additional delay is required.  In this case, the flow chart branches to
Element <55>, otherwise to Element <48>.
<55> Does site have an exterior fence with IDS or tower guards?
The segment of the flow chart beginning with this element is concerned with
the proper selection of an intrusion detection system that takes full
advantage of the delay times offered by the barriers.  As noted, intruder
detection must occur at or before a barrier for it to be considered in the
timeline calculation.  If the site has perimeter IDS or tower guards, the
timeline starts at that point and the flow chart branches to Element <56>,
otherwise to Element <57>.


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