Quantcast Section 4: Exterior Site-Related Physical Security

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Introduction.  Exterior physical security addresses the outermost
elements of a physical security system lying between the site perimeter and
the facility containing the assets to be protected.  Exterior physical
security contributes to the effectiveness of an integrated security system
design in the choice of:  (1) site layout including facility location
relative to fences and vehicle barriers to enhance protection against
forced-entry, bomb blast, standoff weapons, and ballistic threats; (2) access
control at site points of entry to protect against covert entry threats; (3)
exterior intrusion detection sensor or guards to detect perimeter crossover
points; (4) CCTV or guards to assess an alarm as a threat; and (5) security
lighting to support the threat detection and assessment functions.  The
following pages provide design guidelines related to each of the above
elements:  par. 4.2 addresses exterior site layout; par. 4.3, site perimeter
fences and vehicle barriers; par. 4.4, site access control; par. 4.5,
exterior IDS; par. 4.6, CCTV for threat assessment; and par. 4.7, security
lighting.  Finally, par. 4.8 addresses essential functions that must be
maintained to support all the above elements.
Exterior Site Work and Layout
Introduction.  This section provides design guidelines related to
the exterior layout of the site.  Only general guidelines can be provided.
The application of these general principles to a specific facility must be
governed by site-specific factors.  Figure 11 provides a checklist of minimum
site work measures applicable to any facility regardless of the design
threat.  The following pages provide more details on these and other
important factors.  Considerations related to exterior site work include
those applicable to the entire installation and those appropriate to a
specific facility.
Installation-Wide Security Considerations.
Existing Site Security.  Although it is highly desirable that the
site work incorporate security considerations from the start, doing so may
not always be possible.  The security designer may find situations where an
existing site layout will influence security measures rather than security
considerations influencing layout.  The security associated with a given
facility must be compatible with the military installation's overall security
plan including existing security resources and operating procedures.  This
includes the location and type of: (1) surveillance guard posts and patrols;
(2) security response forces; (3) intrusion detection systems; and (4) site-
related access control at points of entry.  Any existing security should be
reviewed and adjusted to enhance the overall surveillance opportunities and
to facilitate the guard response to the facility under consideration.


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