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Routes of Travel.  Regulation and direction of routes of traffic on
the military installation should be controlled.  These routes include
pedestrian paths and vehicular road networks.  It is desirable to route
unauthorized, unofficial traffic away from high-risk protected areas, such as
storage magazines.  On the other hand, it may be desirable to route as much
traffic as possible along main thoroughfares that serve facilities with high
traffic densities during duty hours, such as warehouses.  In the latter case,
the potential observation of intruders by passers-by during nonduty hours
might enhance deterrence and identification of intruders.  Road networks and
facility layout must also account for the needs of the security roving
patrols and response forces.  For example, multiple approaches to the
facility should be available to minimize the predictability of response
forces using the same route of approach for either surveillance or response.
Access paths to all points around the facility should be provided to allow
for intruder assessment and interdiction.  The path identified as A in Figure
12 is intended to function in this manner.


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