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screened at exterior site perimeters and gates to protect against covert
threats, discriminate authorized from unauthorized personnel, detect
contraband, etc.  Entry control also includes supervising the flow and
routing of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Minimum Requirements.  DoD 5200.8-R states that military
installations develop, establish, and maintain policies and procedures to
control access into both the overall installation and designated restricted
areas. The following summarizes:
Inspection Procedures.  Procedures for inspecting persons,
their property, and vehicles at entry and exit points of installations or at
designated restricted areas and the search of persons and their possessions
while on the installation are to be prescribed.
a)  Random or Mandatory Inspections.  This includes
establishing whether searches or inspections are randomly conducted or
mandatory for all.  DoD 5200.1-R, Chapter 5, Section 3 prescribes inspection
procedures for the safeguarding of classified information.
b)  Search.  Examinations of individuals and their
possessions while on the installation for the primary purpose of obtaining
evidence is classified as a "search" under the Fourth Amendment and separate
guidance regarding the conduct of these searches is to be issued.
c)  Legal Sufficiency.  All procedures are to be reviewed
for legal sufficiency by the appropriate General Counsel or Legal Advisor to
the DoD Component prior to issuance.  The procedures require Commanders to
consult with their servicing Judge Advocate or other legal advisor before
authorizing gate inspections.
Access Denial.  This involves enforcing the removal of or
denying access to persons who are a threat to order, security, and the
discipline of the installation.
Restricted Areas.  The command is required to designate
restricted areas to safeguard property or material.
Randomized Anti-Terrorism Measures.  The commander is to
establish randomized anti-terrorism measures within existing security
operations to reduce patterns, change schedules, and visibly enhance the
security profile of an installation.  This reduces the effectiveness of pre-
operational surveillance by hostile elements.
Gates to Perimeter Fences
Overview.  Gates facilitate control of authorized traffic and its
flow.  They establish specific points of entrance and exit to an area defined
by fences.  They also function to limit or prohibit free flow of pedestrian


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