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Systems, September 1986.
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Manual U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, February 1993.
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Engineers Guide Specification, April 1991.
CCTV Function and Location
Threat Assessment.  A properly designed CCTV assessment system
provides a rapid and cost-effective supplement to guards for determining the
cause of intrusion alarms and assessing a potential threat.  CCTVs allow
evaluations to be made from remote locations.  Using video event recorders,
events can also be viewed later when multiple alarms or delayed guard force
attention occurs.  In general, CCTVs increase the efficiency and
effectiveness of security personnel and security response timelines.  They
can be a cost-effective alternative to human on-the-spot assessment, which
typically involves extended time delays for guards to respond, or the use of
costly on-site guards.
Surveillance.  CCTVs can also be used for surveillance.  As a
surveillance system, CCTVs are used at the discretion of and under control of
the security center console operator to scan a secured area.
CCTVs are typically located:
Outdoors, along exterior site perimeter clear zones.
Outdoors, at controlled access points to sites or buildings.
Outdoors, within a restricted area that overlooks approaches
to selected security interests.
Indoors, at selected locations within the protected area.
Minimum Requirements.  DoD 5200.8-R requires the use of CCTV to
provide real time assessment for certain facilities and resources security
systems levels (see par., Figure 2).  In addition, DoD 5210.41-M
specifies the following for nuclear weapons storage site security (quoting


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