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Minimum Construction Requirements. This section describes minimum
DoD security requirements for vaults and strongrooms; arms, ammunition, and
explosive (AA&E) facilities; and nuclear weapon and sensitive compartment
information facilities. If your facility is not any of these, you may proceed
directly to par. 5.5 for new construction, or to par. 5.6 for retrofit
General.  DoD requires that sensitive or dangerous material be
protected in secure structures. In many instances, specific construction is
prescribed for major construction elements such as walls, floors,
roofs/ceilings, doors, windows, etc. This section summarizes these prescribed
requirements  and the minimum penetration times for each forced entry threat
severity level.  Please note that you should consider these prescribed
construction requirements as minimum. In no case shall a design provide a
penetration time less than those summarized here.  On the other hand, if you
find your guard response time requires a higher penetration time for the
facility than provided by the prescribed construction, par. 5.5 (for new
construction) or par. 5.6 (for retrofit construction) provide design options
to meet these added requirements.
Vaults.  Minimum security requirements for vaults are specified in
DoD 5200.1R, Information Security Program Regulation.  There are two classes
of vaults for the storage of classified material and equipment: A and B.
Class A vaults offer the maximum in protection.  Class B vaults offer
adequate protection.  In some cases, a lightweight, portable "modular vault"
may be applicable.  The class of vault applicable to your case depends on the
classification level of the documents, material, or equipment to be stored.
The minimum DoD construction requirements for each class of vault are
described as follows.
Class A Vaults
Minimum Construction.  As shown in Table 10, DoD 5200.1-R
requires that the walls, floors, roof, and ceilings be a minimum of
8-inch (200-mm)-thick reinforced concrete with the standard reinforcing shown
in the table. In addition, the walls are to extend to the underside of the
roof slab above. When vault walls are part of exterior walls, the vault wall
must be set back from the exterior part of the exterior wall to allow
4 inches (100 mm) for the normal wall facing to cover the vault wall. In
addition, a Class 5 door with the dimensions shown in Figure 29 is to be
provided. This door shall be equipped with an emergency escape and relocking
device (DoD 5200.1-R). The escape device must not be activated by the
exterior locking device and must be permanently attached to the inside of the
door to permit escape by persons inside the vault.


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