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Forced Entry Penetration Times.  Penetration times for the
four threat severity levels are shown in Table 10. The low level corresponds
to the use of simple low-observable, hand-held tools. The medium level
consists of all hand-applied and some battery-operated tools. High level
threats include power tools such as burn bars, jackhammers, etc. The very
high level threat includes explosives. As shown in Table 10, it is not
practical to attack the walls, roofs, and ceilings at the low- and
medium-threat levels.  The doors can be defeated within 10 minutes for medium
and 2 minutes for high severity threats.  Other openings can be defeated
within less than a minute.  Minimum penetration times against a high-level
attack are 15 minutes for the walls and roof/ceilings.  An upward attack on
floors from below requires 18 minutes.  Floors on-grade are not practical to
attack.  Against the very high level of attack, the minimum penetration times
are all less than 1 minute.
Class B Vaults
Minimum Construction.  Minimum requirements for Class B vaults
are summarized in Table 11.  As shown, the walls are to be not less than
8-inch (200-mm)-thick brick, or filled concrete block masonry units. Hollow
masonry units are to be the vertical-cell type (load bearing) filled with
concrete and steel reinforcement bars. Monolithic steel-reinforced concrete
walls at least 4 inches (100 mm) thick may also be used. Floors are to be
monolithic concrete construction not less than 4 inches (100 mm) thick. The
roof is to be monolithic reinforced concrete slab of a thickness to be
determined by structural requirements, but not less than 4 inches (100 mm)
thick.  Class 5 vault door requirements are the same as for Class A vault
Penetration Times.  Minimum penetration times achieved by the
above minimum construction are also shown in Table 11.  Walls provide from
2.5 to 4 minutes against medium-level threats and doors provide about 10
minutes against a medium-level threat and 2 minutes against a high-level
threat.  Roof/ceiling penetration times are about 5 minutes.  An upward
attack on the floor is about 9 minutes for a high severity threat.
Penetration times for the very high threat are all less than 1 minute.
Modular Vaults.  Although not General Services Administration (GSA)
approved for the storage of classified material, the modular vault may be
appropriate in selected circumstances.  Consult your first echelon command
for approved systems.  Modular vaults can be procured under Federal
Specification AA-V-2737.  They are lightweight in comparison to the standard
security vault. They are relocatable, easier and quicker to install, have
reduced floor loading, and are less expensive.  Additionally, they can be
custom-designed to meet user specifications in terms of size, shape, and
weight.  Any number of panels of various sizes can be combined to fit
specific space requirements, producing a customized vault with virtually no
design restrictions.  As of


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