Quantcast Nuclear Weapons Facilities

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Penetration Times.  Minimum penetration times for the four
threat levels are given in Tables 13 and 14. Table 16 also gives the results
of penetration tests showing that current magazine door designs can be opened
in about 4 minutes.  In general, current door designs offer lower penetration
resistance than headwall construction for Risk Categories I and II used
today.  More information on locks is provided in par. 5.5.6.
Nuclear Weapons Facilities
Minimum Construction.  Minimum construction requirements are
summarized in Table 17 based on DoD 5210.41-M. Walls are to be a minimum of
8-inch (200-mm) concrete reinforced with two grids of No. 4 (12.7-mm) rebar
on 9-inch (225-mm) centers in each direction and staggered on each face to
form a grid approximately 4-1/2 inches (114 mm); or 8-inch (200-mm) concrete
block with 3 inches (75 mm) of fibrous concrete bonded to the inside. Floors
and roofs/ceilings have the same requirements as the walls. Doors are to be
1-3/4-inches (44-mm)-thick solid wood with 12-gauge (2.7-mm) steel outer face
or 1-3/4-inch (44-mm)-thick hollow metal door with 12-gauge (2.7-mm) skins
and stiffeners on 6-inch (150-mm) vertical spacing.  Miscellaneous openings
use 1-1/4-inch (32-mm) by 3/8-inch (9.5-mm) flat steel bars spaced 8 inches
(200 mm) vertically and 1/2-inch (12.5-mm) rods 4 inches (100 mm) apart
horizontally or 1-1/2-inch (38-mm) by 3/8-inch (9.5-mm) flat steel bars
spaced 8 inches (200 mm) apart vertically and 3/4-inch (19-mm) rods 4 inches
(100 mm) apart horizontally.
Penetration Times.  Table 17 shows the minimum
penetration times
for the prescribed nuclear weapon facility construction.
Note that walls
provide up to 25 minutes for the medium-level threat and
22.6 minutes for the
high-level threat.  Doors and miscellaneous openings can
be penetrated in
less than 1 minute.
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).  The term
SCIF describes classified information concerning or derived from intelligence
sources.  The facility contains methods or analytical processes that are
required to be handled exclusively within formal access control systems
established by the DoD Director of Central Intelligence.
Minimum Construction.
Minimum construction requirements for SCIFs
are summarized in Table 18.
Penetration Times.  Minimum penetration times for the four threat
levels are also provided in Table 18.


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