Quantcast Hinge-Side Protection

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2)  Hinge-Side Protection.  The standard door designs used in
existing magazine structures for AA&E storage are, in most cases, vulnerable
to physical attack on the hinge side of the door.  Attacks consist of cutting
the hinge mounting bolts, cutting and driving out the hinge pintle pin, or
cutting the hinge assembly.  A positive door-to-jamb interlock is, therefore,
required.  Figures 52 through 55 show the cross sections of hinged doors and
door frames.  Various options of passive hardware for positive interlocking
at the hinge edge are shown that are designed to prevent entry by physical
attack at the hinge edge.  This approach prevents the hinged edge from being
pushed in or pulled out when the door is closed and locked.  The design
options shown have the advantage of not producing a safety hazard by
extending the interlocking hardware into the clear opening of the door.


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