Quantcast Protection Measures: New Construction

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Threat Severity Levels of Protection.
Threat severity levels of
protection range from low to very high.  For the general case, the level of
protection will correspond to the threat level described in par. 6.3.
Protection Measures: New Construction.
Both siting and building
elements or measures are used to negate the effects of the ballistic attack.  Siting Measures.
Limit sightlines to the asset being protected.
The ballistic attack, to be successful, must have uninterrupted line-of-sight
visual access to the target.  Protective measures are facility siting and
Facility Siting.  The initial site selection should consider
the ballistic attack.  Obviously, some sites are better than others with
respect to conditions related to the ballistic attack.  For example, site
facilities on high ground to force attackers to shoot upward.  Under this
condition, targets inside the facility are more difficult to see and as a
result, cause the bullets to strike building surfaces at an angle, decreasing
their effectiveness.  Site facilities away from either natural or manmade
vantage points to limit an attacker's ability to see assets.  Examples of
potential vantage points include nearby structures or elevated land


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